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Sugar Wax - At home hair removal for beginners

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Size | 8oz (3mos)


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Sugar Wax - At home hair removal for beginners



8oz (3mos)

  • Product Description

      Our vegan organic Sugar Wax is formulated with only 3 natural ingredients: pure cane sugar, distilled water, and lemon juice – to leave your skin looking and feeling smooth, without any chemicals. 

      A perfect hair removal solution for sensitive skin and all hair types with salon results. 

      Sugaring is easy, anyone can do it. 

      • Simply remove a ping-pong ball size portion and apply it in the opposite direction of hair growth. Then in one quick motion, flick the wax off the opposite way you applied it. 

      After you’re done waxing, simply wash any remaining residue off with water! It’s that easy.

      Sugaring removes hair down to the roots, leaving your skin smooth and free of regrowth for up to 4-6 weeks. 

      Unlike resin-based hair removal waxes, Nurture from Nature Sugar Wax does not irritate the skin and is very comfortable to use with quick and easy cleanup.

      • Water-soluble: Wipes clean with water. 
      • Unisex: Made for men & women
      • Safe to use on any body part 
      • Good for up to 1 year of storage

      *Results vary per person based on hair growth patterns. 

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